Thursday, December 11, 2014

‘Tarte Cosmetics’ Waterproof Mascara to Hide My Sentiments of the Holidays Season!

(Photo Credit: "lights, camera, splashes waterproof mascara") 

I’m a Jewish chick who enjoys driving home from work while listening to Christmas music (sorry mom!). There’s something about the vibe of the holidays, good cheer, and nostalgia. Sometimes, I’ll cruise to the music with a light smile plastered on my face, but usually, I get sentimental and start remembering all of the drama from the years passed. Maybe it’ the way Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas is You” reminds me of the movie “Love Actually” and it’s many love stories regarding new love as well as betrayal that gets me misty-eyed. Or, maybe it’s just the beauty of Mariah’s incredible voice. Either way, because I’m by myself driving, I am fine letting the tears fall. But with tears, comes a yucky face…which glasses don’t always hide. And when I get home, my conspiracy-theorist boyfriend just wouldn’t get it.

Please note: I don’t cake on my makeup, especially at work. But the darkness under my eyes is usually quite apparent after a drive home listening to KOST 103.5. Runny makeup will do that to a girl!

So to help change the scenario of getting a yucky face – without having to change the radio dial – I suppose I could look into some new makeup. First up: waterproof mascara, as I definitely don’t leave home without a few swift strokes on my lashes. So working in a new brand to my collection of cosmetics could be good for me.

Tarte Cosmetics – the beauty company that is famous for its eco-chic beauty products – sells a $20 “lights, camera, splashes waterproof mascara.” Have you tried it before? According to its website, it offers “lengthening, curling, volumizing, and conditioning benefits.” I will admit that I’m a 5 buck-mascara-from-Target kind of girl, but if a product is truly quality, I’m all for experimenting with it. My mom always tells me that as you get older, you lashes get thinner (Nooo!!). That said, I appreciate that this product is also said to “treat and protect your lashes.”

And because I’m a native SoCal girl who loves baring it at the beach more than being covered up with scarfs, beanies, and boots in the winter, a waterproof mascara would benefit my time in the water as well. That’s a given.

So…cheers to holiday music, having the chutzpah to admit I like it, and taking the first step to hide my (not-so-secret-anymore) guilty pleasure with a new beauty product!

If you’re a lover of Tarte Cosmetics, please do comment on this article and share which one you can’t live without!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

'Spark the Fire' with Gwen Stefani and Mastercard! (Priceless)

Not only is Gwen's newest single, "Spark the Fire," blasting in the latest Mastercard commercial...ummm...she's totally featured in it. The Voice star judge, fashion icon and designer, No Doubt frontwoman, and mother of three keeps on kicking!

And although I do my best to NOT use my own credit card...I may spark that fire and shop 'til I drop. Suddently, I'm feeling waaaay inspired to bust out that plastic again.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Do You Know How To Iron? (No, Really...Do You?)

Thank you to Alight Fashion Blog for reaching out to me with this awesome infographic! Great clothing needs to be taken care of properly, and it all starts with the basics. This includes IRONING (which I abhor). Do you attack your crinkles, folds, and creases correctly?

Click on the image to check it out in full view:

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Be a ‘Sweaty Betty’ this Holiday Season in Stylish Gear! Your Summer Body Will Thank You.

(Our bodies are our temples...Photo Credit:

“Just one more cookie and then I swear I won’t have dinner tonight!” No, I do not have an eating disorder. But, yes, like most people, I find myself over-indulging during the holiday season and then feeling kinda guilty about it and stepping back completely (Well, maybe that is some sort of disorder...yikes).

In all seriousness though, human hibernation doesn’t mean to stuff your face simply because it’s “that time of the year.” Rather, it should involve a great combo of eating what you want in moderation and working out a bit more than usual (if you really want to burn off the extra fat the healthy way). I mean, I do exercise; I’ll wake up early Saturday and Sunday mornings and walk the steep streets in my LA neighborhood and I’ll lift weights and do squats while I watch “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” on Bravo.

But I know that it’s time to create more of a strict workout schedule – for many reasons. Although I’ve come to find beauty in living in the moment, I also love to dream and fantasize about the days of SoCal summer. In other words, I want to be prepared and feel amazing when it’s time to go bikini shopping.

(Running does the body good! Photo Credit:

And to get myself pumped up to become more active, I know what needs to be done: Get rid of the horrid 5-year old workout gear that is stuffed in my closet and get on board with a new sports bra, yoga pants, and running shoes. Sweaty Betty is a UK-based fitness clothing brand has an insane selection of stylish gear, including girls dance wear and ladies swimwear. I think this could be a cool site to start browsing!

The philosophy behind Sweaty Betty is pretty awesome too: “To inspire women to find empowerment in fitness.” After all, our overall image is influenced by several factors, and how we take care of our bodies reflects in our beauty. Fitness is a crucial aspect that should not be ignored.

Follow Sweaty Betty on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram! Photos of women getting’ their workouts on will inspire you to finish up that fourth cookie and put on your running shoes.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Shopping on 'Black Friday': Is it Worth the Hype?

(Get your running shoes on!)
According to Wikipedia, "Black Friday is the Friday following Thanksgiving Day in the United States (the fourth Thursday of November), often regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season."

And NO - shopping on Black Friday is not for everybody. Just 'cause you love a great deal doesn't mean you need to set yourself up for a day of crowds, lines, and sprinkles (or heavey drops!) of chaos. All that could start as early as 5 a.m.!

Black Friday is ONLY worth the hype if: 

- You enjoy the hustle and bustle of claustrophobic shopping
- You are determined to score that product or item you've been waiting to purchase since last Black Friday (whether for yourself or as a gift for someone)
- You have PATIENCE
- You have accepted the fact that you may walk out of a store with nothing in your hand. Not everything in the store on Black Friday will be on sale, in your size, or even worth the cost. (Remember: retailers want you IN so they can also introduce new, regularly priced items to you as well!)

If you are ready to go - armed with guts and a great attitude - check out my still-relevant 2009 tips: "How to Prepare for Black Friday"

Monday, November 17, 2014

Get Sleek and Shiny (Just in Time for the Holidays) with True Religion!

("Halle Mid Rise Super Skinny" pant - sleek!)
When most women think of their ideal jean, certain attributes like “sleek” and “sexy” often come to mind. That jean you can dress up or down is typically a coveted item that we all long for. But sometimes, all a girl wants is that fabulous pair of denim jeans that make a bold statement for a special occasion – the pair that you delicately pull out of your closet because it’s the perfect choice for date night. Or…to head to a lounge with the girls. Or…to make your ex eat dirt when you show up to a place you know he’ll be at (just saying, ladies).

And I’m soooo down with these “Halle Mid Rise Super Skinny” women’s jean by True Religion. This leather-like pant is HOT, and because it is made of 75% cotton, 24% poly, and 2% elastane…my curvaceous bod will be happy. Finding jeans when you have curves is a challenge for most women with junk in their trunks, so I thank True Religion for considering this!

The perfect holiday pant – consider it with tons of metallic and a bright, red lip – this jean appears to give you some holiday shine….and the edge your wardrobe may need! Black is always the new black in my book. It’s slimming, can be paired with any color, and allow you a bit more versatility. Again, this pair of designer jeans for women is likely not going to be your everyday, go-to jean. No biggie! We all want a little something special to turn to for that distinct moment. (Can I get an AMEN?!)  

(...And a sexy, shiny view from the back!)
But if this style isn’t your cup of tea, True Religion offers an extensive assortment of looks to check out. While leading, lush department stores, such as Nordstrom, Saks, and Neiman Marcus, are some of the top retailers to sell True Religion jeans, you can also get your shop on while sipping coffee and enjoying a lazy Sunday at home – online shopping has saved the sanity of many (no lines to stand it, no sales people to ruin your day)! If you’re a True Religion lover, be sure to visit its site: Believe me – the sale section is out of this world.

Follow this American clothing company on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Interview with 'Savi Coco' Designer Lindsay Ahart (Get 10% Off Her Surf and Custom-Made Jewelry!)

(Lindsay Ahart - Designer of Savi Coco)

Savi Coco - an accessories line that consists of surf and custom-made jewels - was recently introduced to me. Specially designed and handcrafted by Lindsay Ahart (president and owner of Pink Lamb Productions), this line of artistic jewelry will definitely add the "boho" to your "chic"...without making you overspend. (I, mean, unless you want to purchase all of her incredible pieces at once that is!)
I absolutely love learning about the inspiration and goals behind a designer's collection, so it's with great pleasure that I can share our recent interview with you, my lovely readers. Enjoy!
Tell me about the concept behind Savi Coco. How did it come about?
I started to do surf art and beach-inspired art close to 10 years ago. I thought it would be cool and fun to turn my art into jewelry. I like adding fun sparkle pieces to accent my piece of art. One day, someone asked me if I could use one of their pictures. So I took their picture and turned it into a piece of jewelry for them. So now I do beach and personal jewels! 

(A personalized jewel!)

I love the name! Can you talk about its origin?
Savannah and Chloe...My daughters go by Savi and Coco :)
The So Cal vibe of your collection is awesome? Did you grow up here?

I grew up in Burbank, but went to college at San Diego State University and still have a house there...I love SD!

How did you get into jewelry design?

I wanted to take my artwork to a different level so I started doing jewelry about a year ago. 

(This piece is called "Surf Feeling." Look closely to see why!)

What type of woman do you design for?

Any age or type of woman or girl that enjoys a whimsical and beachy vibe. Anyone that would like their own image turned into a charm!

If you were stranded on a tropical island, and could wear only one piece from your jewelry collection...which one would it be?

My favorite is "Tropical Bliss." This was inspired when I was in Hawaii and takes me to that moment every time I wear it. It makes me happy! 

(Lindsay's favorite piece from her Savi Coco collection of artwork: "Tropical Bliss." )

Any other details that you would like to share with the public - those interested in (and obsessed with!) fashion and beauty?
It is not just about beach jewelry but also the personal keepsake that I hand-make for people! Please visit my website, PinkLamb, for all details of my jewelry and creative endeavors. Besides my jewelry and surf/beach art. I am a published author and successful video producer! 
Wanna get in contact with Lindsay? Follow her on Twitter! To score some beautiful pieces at an affordable cost, be sure to use CODE: SAVICOCO10 when you shop Savi Coco Jewelry

Saturday, November 8, 2014

My QT Collection Product Review: Feelin' Pretty in "Possie Pink" Lip Gloss

Last January, I had the pleasure of chatting with then-18 year old Atlanta Pop Princess QT Jazz regarding her music and awesome fashion sense! (Her "Heels Bags" song recently deputed at the time, and I was blown away by the catchiness and cuteness of it.) During that interview, she graciously shared her experience as a young entertainer in a competitive industry, while shedding light on her family and the significance of growing up grounded and goal-oriented.

...And then in September, I noticed on (the insanely addicting) Instagram that QT was launching her own cosmetics line with Celfie Cosmetics. "What?! This chick moves fast!" I remember thinking. So I was happy to approach her for some info about her new collection! During our second phone chat, she excitedly had this to say about her new, business venture:

"The QT Collection consists of trendy pieces - the bright pink, the jazzy red, the purple...It's very out there, spontaneous...and jazzy!"

(The "Possie Pink" lip gloss regularly priced at only $15!)

Launched just a few weeks after our conversation (on her 19th birthday!), the QT Collection is gaining quite the momentum in social media as well as across the Web. And I was gifted with a "Possie Pink" lip gloss not long thereafter. of my best Good Girl Gone Shopping arrivals to date! Typically, the glosses that I wear are pretty sheer and subtle...not nearly as dramatically bold as this product. The minute the wand touched my bottom lip, I knew that I was entering a new territory of makeup. And when I finished applying the gloss, which has a more matte feel that could be comparable to an actual lipstick, I looked at myself and knew that wearing this in public means only one thing: There's no turning back!

The Possie Pink lip gloss is hot. It's bold, a bit funky, and totally in sync with my creative personality. As compared to my regular sheen, this lip color is a refreshing, exciting change for me...and totally upped my (makeup) game!

(Feelin' Pretty in "Possie Pink" - Whatcha think?)
Oh and pssssst....the "Generations Collection" (which QT says will be more about the "calmer tones") is coming soon! Also an exclusive line by Celfie Cosmetics, this collection is a collaborative effort between her and some of her fam-bam: Kandi Burruss and her mother "Mama Joyce."

To see promo photos for both the Generations Collection and the QT Collection, be sure to follow my favorite 19-year old superstar (who is also the Atlanta-based reporter for Sprite Pour Reports!) on Instagram and Twitter!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Give Your Feet a ‘Lil Rest with Fashionable Flats!

(LOVE these: Reef Winter Wall mid-top sneaker!)
Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but I’d say a great pair of heels makes for a fabulous BFF. The way your legs appear elongated and how your profile gets that extra oomph in just the right spot…heels are, like, a MUST in every woman’s wardrobe.

…But so are flats! For functional purposes, such as running errands and shopping ‘til you drop, a flat shoe keeps your motor running longer. (Walking the mall in stilettos will last you about an hour, max.). The health benefits of skipping out on your heels here and there for a flat shoe are also extremely important. I know that my toesies and heels need breathing room here and there, definitely.

So when was the last time you shopped around for a non-heel that’s stylish, simple, and totally comfortable? If it’s been way too long – so long that you can’t even remember – get to it, lovelies. Not saying you have to abandon your fave pair of heels for good (that’s crazy talk), but working in casual comfort is worth considering. Style, after all, is about versatility and switching up your wardrobe while showing off your personality. Heels don’t always make the cut with every outfit.

…Which brings me to Reef – a popular, 30-year old brand that provides an awesome range of styles. Founded by two brothers from Argentina whose inspiration for surfing helped to fuel its inception, Reef offers both men and women high quality, comfortable shoes.

After perusing its site recently, I quickly realized that I gotta bring my readers’ attention to this line as well. Considering it’s reputation in retail (my personal customers at Nordstrom used to request that I run to the BP Department for a pair of Reef flip-flops!), I’m sure you’re familiar with this brand. Scratch that – you probably already own a pair. But if you’ve yet had a chance to check out its latest, seasonal selection…go get your Reef on!

Currently, I’m in love with the Reef Winter Wall mid-top sneaker ($60). So cute and edgy, and would definitely make mall-walking an enjoyable affair.

Yup – Reef is hot and heavy in social media. Check out its Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages and get your shopping on.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Shopping for the Right Jeans: 3 Tips to Help Save Your Sanity!

For most women, shopping for the right jeans is a life challenge. Scratch that – a battle. You want a jean that’s comfy while still being sexy. A jean that’s versatile while perfectly suited for a night out on the town. You want a classic cut that is still trendy in style.

I know – waaaaay too many things to consider when thinking about finding a new pair of great jeans. While I have pairs that I love and some that I don’t so much (but still wear due to silly emotional attachments), it’s been a long time since I’ve walked into a mall with the goal of buying the perfect denim pant. Honestly, that means I would need to carve out a good chunk of my weekend to really be on the search. Ummm…not ready yet.

But, as I continue to tone my body (slimming this area, tightening up that part…), uncovering the right pair of jeans is at the top of my shopping list. There are many designers and brands out there to choose from, such as the awesome NYDJ, a line that is famous for helping women look and feel fabulous. (I’ve had a pair from this brand and can attest to its slimming jeans!). So to help you first get in tune with the concept of shopping for a new jean, while hopefully keeping you calm, collected, and actually excited about your next purchase, I’ve put together 3 tips that should help you before you immerse yourself in this gut-wrenching (ahem, challenging) journey. Consider these your starting points:

(Photo Credit: NYDJ on Instagram)

Be realistic about your overall budget. Whether you can afford a $200 pair of jeans or a $50 pair of jeans, the goal is to not break your bank while shopping. The reasons behind this are obvious (bills, bills, bills), but one of the things you may not have considered is the fact that you may want to score some new heels and a tee to go with your new find. So if your overall budget is $100, then it would be wise to budget everything else in as well. Caution: Once you look in the mirror and want to jump up and down because you found the pair of your dreams at a great cost, it’s likely you’re going to want to start styling an entire outfit around the jeans right away. You know, before actually leaving the store.

Consider your curves. These days, the question really isn’t “Do these jeans make my butt look fat?” Rather, it’s: “Do these jeans make my butt look big enough?” Women with curves often experience the difficulty in finding a jean that fits their rear and their smaller waist. Fortunately, the selection of jeans for women these days is getting better in being able to embrace a woman’s curves. So while the issues now aren’t so much having about limited options, it’s about patience really. Your best bet is to research where those jeans can be found, so you don’t waste time flipping through a rack of clothing that is designed for women without curves. Considering your curves is über-important, which will also prompt you to learn about which materials and percentage of stretch will do the trick. I also suggest exploring various colors and shades of jeans, as certain styles will either accentuate your lovely shape or make ‘em look sorta blah.

(Photo Credit: NYDJ on Twitter)

Think quality first. Yes, it is very likely that an expensive pair of jeans is of better quality than, say, a $20 pair of jeans. The craftsmanship, the brand reputation, and the material all play a role in the cost. While I do encourage you to leave a little extra room in your budget for another item to dress up your jeans…If you find that perfect pair that truly feels like it could take you all the way into a new decade – don’t skimp out. One great pair of jeans in a year is better than 5 cheap pairs that will soon split at the seams after just a couple of wears (or washes!).

While there are tons more tips to consider before shopping for the right jeans (i.e., versatility, the best length for jeans, the age appropriate factor), these are starting points…Happy Shopping!

To learn about the awesome collections of NYDJ, be sure to follow this brand on Twitter and Instagram!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Two Thumbs Up for Gwen's new Song? Baby Don't Lie...

I love her voice...Her insane sense of style...Her journey from Orange County Girl to pop culture icon....Her stardom as the new platinum blonde on "The Voice"...Her ability to make balancing celebrity, business, and family look so easy...Her power.

Now enter the first track we're hearing from her upcoming third solo album: Baby Don't Lie. Ummmm...I mean...I'll dance and sing to it. But I do feel that the lyrics are missing tons of substance. Then again, Gwen's proven for more than 20 years that she knows substance (No Doubt's "Tragic Kingdom" and "Return of Saturn" is full of some of her best poetry, in my opinion.) So a fun song to bop around to? Well, why not? It's what I did to her first two solo albums (Love.Angel.Music.Baby being the more fabulous of the two).

Ultimately, it feels like an appetizer to a really, yummy meal. That said, I hope her third album is full of delicious entreés. What I do know for certain - this pop art-esque video adds color to the song. No lie.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Do you REALLY need a vacation?

(Photo Credit:
When was the last time you thought to yourself, "Well, what's the point anyway?"

How often do you feel like just throwing in the towel on your creative passion because it's not paying the bills (right now)?

Have you ever looked at your wardrobe and suddenly lost all interest in showing the fun side of your personality?

Over the years, as a writer, editor, and social media content developer (see my bio), I've gained surges of inspiration at random times...and lost inspiration at random times nearly as quickly. Fortunately, I've gained some incredible lessons along the way and learned how to maintain a balance and create a life that I truly enjoy. But it sorta takes practice to get to a point where your desire to work long hours on a project outweighs your desire to escape from it all merely to sit on a beach somewhere and sip mojitos. (Although that does sound pretty fabulous.) I mean, isn't this quote from the incredible author, entrepreneur, marketer, and public speaker Seth Godin sooooo right on? When I came across it, I realized that it's my duty to not only be the 'Good Girl Gone Shopping' but to be the 'Good Girl Gone...Resourceful.' I love spreading the idea that you can always make a change and embark on a journey so that you can experience the life you actually want.

Every decision that you make in life contributes to the overall climate of your happiness or sorrow. I haven't been on a vacation in years ( all?), and I didn't make it to my favorite So Cal beaches this summer. That's major.

But it's all good...I sense an amazing tropical island trip on the horizon and another scorching hot summer before I know it.